Sentiment Analysis of Tweets

Average mood is 0.4. The mood is calculated aggregately for a whole day, which introduced a slight delay in mood response to basketball matches. For example, when the match is played at 21:00 (finishes around 22:3), the change in mood will be recorded the next day (when people discuss the game). On the other hand if the match is played earlier e.g. 14:30, mood variations can be recorded the same day. When Macedonia loses to Montenegro the mood dips down to 0.35 and remains low due to the defeat against Lithuania. After the game against Serbia which resurged hope for the Macedonian representation, the mood peaks at 0.41, only to drop again after the defeats from Bosnia and Latvia at 0.35. This results show that sentiment analysis can be readily applied to real problems and produce good results.

The ability to extract public opinion from web portals such as review sites, social networks and blogs will enable companies and individuals to form a view, an attitude and make decisions without having to do lengthy and costly researches and surveys.

We use machine learning techniques to determine the polarity (positive, negative or neutral) of tweets written in Macedonian language.

An interesting result from this study are the mood swings during the 2013 EuroBasket championship. The Macedonian representation played the group stage of this championship and their endeavours were a popular topic at the time. People discussed the basketball matches everywhere, including twitter. We can determine the general (or average) mood if the twitter community by calculating the ration of positive versus negative tweets. The resulting mood curve closely follows the matches of the Macedonian representation (Figure above).

List of matches of the Macedonian representation in the EuroBasket 2013 and results.

Date Time Opponent Score
4.09.2013 17:45 Montenegro 80 - 81
05.09.2013 21:00 Lithuania 67 - 75
06.09.2013 21:00 Serbia 89 - 75
08.09.2013 14:30 Bosnia and Herzegovina 54 - 62
09.09.2013 14:30 Latvia 66 - 76